2/3/5 Years Warranty

This warranty offer is as extra step to show you how much we care about our products!

We offer warranty for as the products label. For example, LED GU10 bulb with 30months warranty, LED downlight with 60months warranty, LED street light with 60months warranty.

We promise that in typical situation, free maintenance is offered for led lighting within the valide warranty period by GTE and GTE’s authorized agent. On the promise of proper use and storage, during warranty period due to quality problems GTE GROUP LTD promise free parts maintenance which refers to products that can be repaired or replacement which refers to the product that cannot be repaired. This warranty will only be served with original or final-end customers.

Following cases are not covered by warranty:

1.      Open the lamp without obeying the instruction book and leads the crack of the housing and the damage or lose of the fittings.

2.      Disabled product damage due to the improper use.

3.      Any damages due to improper use in violation of instruction manuals.

4.      Any damages of parts due to high temperature or high/low voltage beyond the limit of product’s performance.

Limited Obligation:

1.      Our company is not liable for any indirect losses, such as profit loss, expenditure loss or any special incidental losses due to poor quality or other causes;

2.      Shipping fees are not included under this warranty policy; if a product needs to be parts services then the owner and buyer must pay for shipping fees.

3.      During the warranty period, for any losses or damages resulted from poor quality and services, there is a limit to the amount of compensation (not exceeding the unit price of product as the invoice). For any disputes, it should be submitted to the Chinese law court for final disposal.

4.      Two Months warranty of Stock Damages(for buyer, distributor, agent): When you open packing and find damages, you must make photos with packing to assure this. This warranty is available only within two months after your getting goods of GTE GROUP LTD.

5.      Our company reserves the final explanation of this warranty. 

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