TCOB means Chip On Facies Change Basal Plate for Thermotube Heat Sink .

GTE's TCOB is the ideal LED retrofit solution for exterior lighting.

TCOB Module can offer maxi  150W LED output, 100LM/W

5 years Warranty!



1 .High reliability integrated light source module:

Due to LED heat flux of as high as 100w/cm2, we've designed multi-layer composite 30-400w Substrate based on two-phase heat conduction technology. Heat is spread and heat flux is lowered through two-phase heat conduction; then heat is transferred to radiator. So the junction temperature will be lower and chips on the substrate will be safe. This light source module has got three invention and utility model patens.

2 .Accurate optical design :   

Advanced optical simulation software is applied. With iteration optimal design. we've designed accurate high light transmission aspheric glass lens according to various national standard of roadway illumination. With reasonable illumination design, road luminance uniformity can be over 0.7.
No dark space, no zebra-stripe phenomenon.
This lens has got an invention patent.

3 .Economical heat dissipation design:  

Relying on the strong design ability of GTE GROUP,  the heat dissipation model is optimized based on air mechanics and heat transfer theory, which guarantees its highest usability and durable quality.

The total weight of heat dissipation model is no higher than 1.5kg.

4. Keep undering 75°C:

Phase change substrate of TCOB light source quickly spreads the heat caused by chip; thus solves chip hot spot effect and ensures the junction temperature of chip under 75°C(ambient temperature within 30°C)

5. Easy Retrofit:

Using 1-2 modules achieve power upgrade from 40w to 300w (luminous flux from 3,600lm to 27,000lm). Low power, high lighting effect. Suitable for different kind of situation.

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